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Exciting News!

I am extremely happy to announce that production on Great Gaming's first product has begun. I am happy to reveal to you... Double Tap Gaming Mouse, please enjoy the teaser trailer below. I actually made it all by myself! I'm such a big boy now.

Yes, I know, that video was smoother than a seals arse. And probably got you so hyped you want to drop kick your grandma out her wheelchair but please calm down.

What you need to know is that the expected release is August this year, and will be available on Amazon and our eBay store, and will be priced at £19.99.

Quality build and ergonomic design are at the heart of this mouse, it feels extremely comfortable in the hand, perfect for a long gaming session.

The design and RGB lighting really make it stand out in any set up, it looks bloody lovely.

Keep your aim steady with a adjustable DPI range of 1200 - 7200.

With 2 side buttons and extremely useful a extra double click button to rebind, giving you more options than most gaming mice, you can play your way.

As always my aim here is to build a quality, recognisable brand, giving gamers amazing new products without having to spend a boat load on them. You deserve better, I will give you better.

And as always, Make Your Gaming Great. GG

For more info check "GG Products" page on the website.

Lots of love.

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