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Changes to the website

If you are a returning visitor to the site you will notice some changes. The main one being that virtually all the products we had on the site are now gone. I made this decision because we are getting closer to product launch and I didn't want any focus away from what I believe this brand can do.

In all honesty, the only reason other products were ever on the site was because I didn't want people coming to the site and having little to look at and therefore leaving quickly, as I have read this is bad for ranking on Google. Plus I never have made a sale through this site anyways so it's no big loss 🤣.

I know this is probably irrelevant as we are not well known but I still want to keep anyone who may be interested in the know.

Anyways if you do happen to read this I want to thank you for your time and know that it is appreciated. You are important and don't be good today, be Great.

GGs only

Mark Colwill

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